Water Treatment through Electro Chemistry
Electro chlorination – Electro coagulation – Electro flocculation

Solar Electrochlorinators for remote areas

Solar Electrochlorinator is a Batch type disinfectant generator that produces Sodium Hypochlorite, a strong disinfectant, by the process of electrolysis from salt and water. With this equipment, the need of buying and storing Liquid chlorine or Bleaching powder is totally eliminated. All you need is Salt and Electricity. It’s no more a problem to disinfect water in remote areas where electric power is not available. Two of nature’s gifts, Sunlight and Salt help to produce a strong disinfectant in a technologically advanced process. “Sunclor” Solar Electrochlorinator produces Liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) from common salt and Solar power. When sodium hypochlorite is injected into water it kills all the disease-causing pathogens and renders the water pure.

Solar Powered Sodium Hypochlorite Generator by Pristine Water

Solar Electrochlorinators are available in small capacities (5 grams/hr) and medium capacities (25-100 grams/hr) The disinfectant generated by this system can be directly injected into water or wastewater to disinfect up 60,000 to 1,000,000 liters of water per day depending on the system size and level of contamination (see table).

Solar Electrochlorinator

Sunchlor 5 is a compact solar powered electrochlorinator which produces 60 grams of chlorine in every batch of 8 hours. These 60 grams of active chlorine can purify and disinfect 60,000 liters of water. It is extremely easy to operate and most suited for the disinfectant generation for urban and rural villages, large swimming pools, hotels, hospitals, residential colonies amongst others for removing of bacteria & virus from water.This equipment is a total system by itself. It comes integrated with the Solar panel, Reaction tank, Hypo tank and Power supply all rolled into one single unit. The system is pre-wired and piped, so it can be installed any were without any civil foundation or support stands.

Solar powered Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Sunchlor 25 to Sunchlor 100 These systems can produce larger amounts of chlorine to disinfect water from 200,000 litres to 1,000,000 liters. This system comprises of the Solar panel with support frame, the reaction tank, the hypo tank, power supply and dosing pumps. The sodium hypochlorite produced can be injected into the water tank or pipeline where the disinfection is to be carried out.


  • It is a batch process system, with Eight hours batch time.
  • Titanium Electrolyzer is fixed inside the Reaction tank.
  • Reaction tank is made of Fiber Glass with Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Electronic timer for accurate time.
  • It utilizes state-of- the-art solar technology for battery charging.
  • Solar Panel comes complete with mounting stand.
  • Control module contains the Power controller, Timer and Battery.


  • Small towns and villages for their water treatment facilities to disinfect drinking water.
  • Schools, Educational institutions in remote areas for Drinking water.


Model No. Sunchlor 5 Sunchlor 25 Sunchlor 50 Sunchlor 100
Active Chlorine Generated 7.5Grams/hr 32Grams/hr 62Grams/hr 120Grams/hr
Batch Time 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours
Total Chlorine Produced 60grams/batch 250grams/batch 500grams/batch 1000 grams/batch
Hypochlorite strength 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl
NaOCl Produced Per Batch 8 liters 35 liters 70 liters 140 liters
Water that can be treated with 1 ppm of chlorine 60,000 liters (approx.)per batch 250,000 liters (approx.)per batch 500,000 liters (approx.)per batch 1,000,000 liters (approx.) per batch
Salt Consumed 250 grams/per batch 1.5kgs/per batch 2.25kgs/per batch 4.5kgs/per batch
Power Source Solar Photovoltaic
cell with Battery
Solar Photovoltaic cell with Battery Solar Photovoltaic
cell with Battery
Solar Photovoltaic
cell with Battery


  • Put good clean salt (as indicated on the tank) in the Reaction tank
  • Pour water into the tank and mix well.
  • Switch on the power supply.
  • Power from the storage battery will start the reaction.
  • Set the timer at 8 hours.
  • The system will start and the chlorine production will begin.
  • After the preset time the power supply will stop.
  • Now the Sodium Hypochlorite is ready.
  • Open the bottom Valve and remove all the sodium hypochlorite into the storage tank.
  • The sodium hypochlorite solution can be dosed from the storage tank to the water to be disinfected.
  • After production stops, the Solar panel continues to charge the batteries for next use.
  • The battery should be charged during the day time and used to produce hypo during night time
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