Water Treatment through Electro Chemistry
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Batch Chlorinators for Small Capacity

Batch type electro chlorination systems are perfect for small to medium requirements of chlorine starting from 5 gms per hr to 500 gms per hour. They are lower in cost than continuous systems. Batch systems, as the name suggests, produces chlorine in batches of 8 hours each. This chlorine is stored in a tank and is dosed using dosing pumps. The whole process is repeated when the stored chlorine is used up. Our smallest and most compact batch process Electrochlorination system is the Compclor or the Compact Electro chlorinator. For chlorine requirement greater than 5gms per hour, we offer the Batch type Electrochlorinators

Batch Electrochlorinator for small capacity

Batch type Electrochlorinator produces required chlorine in the form of Sodium Hypochlorite in 8 hours. Add salt and water and switch on the power supply. The system automatically stops after producing required chlorine. Supplied with Reaction Tank fitted with the Titanium Electrolyzer and Power Supply Unit with Auto Timer Controls. Storage Tank and Dosing Pump are optional. To inject Gas Chlorine, Liquid Chlorine or Bleaching powder to disinfect water or waste water is a common practice all over the world. But hereafter you do not have to face the problem of procuring and the hazard of storing of these chemicals. Our Electrochlorinator produces Liquid  Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) from common salt as per your requirement. It is safe and cost saving.


  • Titanium Electrolyzer is fixed inside the Reaction tank.
  • Reaction tank is made of Fiber Glass with Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Tank is provided with salt measurement and filtering system
  • Electronic timer for an accurate time.
  • Timer stops automatically during power failure and starts on power supply resumption, to maintain
    exact batch time.
  • Eight hours batch time.
  • The long-life Power supply.
  • Power supply unit can take wide voltage fluctuations and frequency changes.


  • Medium to large water treatment facilities for disinfection of drinking water
  • Waste water, Effluent and Sewage treatment.
  • Hotels, Hospitals, Educational institutions for Drinking water.
  • Disinfection in Water parks, Cooling water circuits, Fire water storage


Model No. PBP 25 PBP 50 PBP 100 PBP 200 PBP 400
Active Chlorine Generated 32Grams/hr 62Grams/hr 120Grams/hr 250Grams/hr 490Grams/hr
Batch Time 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours
Total Chlorine Produced 250grams/ batch 500grams/ batch 1000 grams/ batch 2000 grams/ batch 4000 grams/ batch
Hypochlorite strength 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl
NaOCl Produced Per Batch 35 liters 70 liters 140 liters 280 liters 560 liters
Water that can be treated with 1 ppm of chlorine 250,000 liters (approx.)per batch 500,000 liters (approx.)per batch 1,000,000 liters (approx.) per batch 2,000,000 liters (approx.) per batch 4,000,000 liters (approx.) per batch
Salt Consumed 1.5kgs/per batch 2.25kgs/per batch 4.5kgs/per batch 9 kgs/per batch 18kgs/per batch
AC Power Consumed 1.5kw/per batch 3 kW/ per batch 5 kW/ per batch 10 kW/ per batch 20 kW/ per batch


  • Put good clean salt (as indicated on the tank) in the space provided on the top cover of the Reaction tank
  • Insert the freshwater pipe in the Salt feed opening
  • Open the water tap and fill the reaction tank up-to-the indicated mark.
  • The water will dissolve the salt as it fills the tank.
  • Switch on the power supply.
  • Set the timer at 8 hours.
  • The system will start and the chlorine production will begin.
  • After the preset time the power supply will stop.
  • Now the Sodium Hypochlorite is ready.
  • Open the bottom Valve and remove all the sodium hypochlorite into a storage tank.
  • The hypo can be dosed from the storage tank through a Dosing Pump.

Compclor or the Compact Electro chlorinator for Urban and Rural water treatment:

Compact Chlorinator

Compact Electrochlorinator is a Batch type disinfectant generator which produces Sodium Hypochlorite, a strong disinfectant, by the process of electrolysis from salt and water. With is equipment the need for buying and storing Liquid chlorine or Bleaching powder is totally eliminated. All you need is Salt and Electricity. The disinfectant generated by ‘Compclor’ can be directly injected into water or wastewater to disinfect up 60000 liters of water per day depending on the contamination. This equipment is a total system by itself, Reaction tank, Hypo Tank, Power supply unit and Dosing pump are all integrated into one single unit. They are prewired and piped, so they can be installed any were without any civil foundation or support stands.


  • A batch process system
  • Extremely light weight and portable
  • Reaction tank, Hypo Tank, Power supply unit and dosing pump are all integrated into one single unit.
  • No need for interconnection of cable or pipeline.
  • Ready to use system
  • In eight hours the system produces 60 grams of active chlorine.
  • Electronic timer with memory helps the system to complete the batch even if there is a power break-down.
  • Power supply unit can take wide voltage fluctuations and frequency changes
  • Storage Tank is provided with level switch to protect the dosing pump from dry run.
  • Can disinfect upto 60000 liters of water per day at 1ppm dosage.


  • Small colony water treatment facilities for disinfection of drinking water
  • Hospitals & Clinics for disinfection and sanitization of instruments
  • Schools, Educational institutions for Drinking water
  • Villages and rural areas.
System Specification
Model name Compclor
Total Chlorine Produced 60 grams/ batch
Batch Time 8 hours
Hypochlorite strength 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl
NaOCl Produced Per Batch 8 liters
Salt Consumed 250 grams/per batch
AC current Input 230 V/ 110V, 50-60 Hz
Material Specification
Anode Titanium
Cathode Titanium
Coating Platinum group of metal oxides like,Ruthenium and Iridium MMO Coated Distilled water Advantage, as per   ASTMB 265 & 348 Gr. 1 & 2
Control Module Electronic Power Supply. Provided with Electronic timer with auto stop after 8 hours.
Reaction tank Fiber Glass with Vinyl Ester Resin
Dosing Pump Diaphragm operated Electronic metering pump.
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