Water Treatment through Electro Chemistry
Electro chlorination – Electro coagulation – Electro flocculation

Chlorination for Desalination systems

Water contains various microorganisms, bacteria, protozoan, that contribute to a bio-film formation on the membrane surface. Killing bacteria and microorganism using sodium hypochlorite before it enters the membrane prevents bio-fouling on the membrane and increase its life. In membrane desalination and separation processes, bio-fouling is a very critical operating issue.

What can Pristine Water do for your Desalination system?

Desalination plants use Pristine Water Electrochlorination systems at the Pre-treatment stage to produce sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) from salt present in seawater which is then dosed directly to the dosing point to disinfect the water before it enters the desalination system. The typical chlorine dose is about 3 mg/L of active chlorine. pH is corrected to around 7.5 to have optimized chlorine disinfection potential.

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