Water Treatment through Electro Chemistry
Electro chlorination – Electro coagulation – Electro flocculation

Fire Water Chlorination System

Offshore and on shore facilities using seawater in their Firewater System face the problem of marine growth like algae, mussels etc . This growth if unchecked will lead to chocking of the pipeline and starve the jockey pumps.

How does Pristine Water help your fire water system?

Dosing of Sodium Hypochlorite produced by our on-line generator will keep the caisson clean and free of marine growth. Pristine Water Sodium Hypochlorite generators produce chlorine from seawater or from salt water onsite. This system can be easily installed in an existing fire water system for hassle free chlorine production and dosing. No more dependence on chemicals or chlorine gas.

Tell us about your requirements and our design team will be delighted to create a customized solution for you. Click here.
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