Water Treatment through Electro Chemistry
Electro chlorination – Electro coagulation – Electro flocculation

Disinfection systems for Hotels and Resorts

All Hotels and resorts use water everywhere like bathing, laundry, cooking, drinking, cooling, swimming pools, fire water etc. Main concern of providing and storing water is to keep them pure free from contamination and prevent the growth of algae and micro-organisms.

Disinfect your hotel with a Pristine Water system

Electro Chlorination for the water treatment system

Every hotel and resort comes equipped with a water treatment system that supplies water to all the various needs, like bathing, laundry, kitchen, spa, salon, fountains, and water features. Every water treatment systems need a chlorination system to pre-treat (disinfect, deodorize, decolor) the water before it goes through other processes. Pristine Water can help you fit the right chlorination system for your water treatment plant, which will not only disinfect, deodorize and decolor the water but also reduce the overall cost by increasing the life of the other parts like filters and membranes.

Electrolytic scale removal for the cooling systems

Scale formation is a common problem in the cooling system of the hotel and resort. Scale formation due to salts in the cooling water reduces the efficiency of the cooling system. Instead of adding additional chemicals to descale the cooling tower, Electrolytic removal System provides a chemical-free, cost-efficient and effective method to descale the cooling system.

Disinfectant generator for housekeeping

Instead of buying surface cleaning chemicals every month, a Sodium hypochlorite generator produces the required disinfectant for you at your hotel. No more chemical costs, stocking nightmares, and vendor follow-ups. The disinfectant solution produced by the system is effective and low cost.

Disinfectant generator for the hotel kitchen

A kitchen is the sanctum of a hotel. Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. The Electrochlorination system helps you generate your own chlorine-based disinfectant that you can use to wipe down your kitchen surface, clean cutlery, knives, and utensils, and even wash your produce with.

Onsite chlorine generation for swimming pools and health clubs

Swimming pools, steam rooms, jacuzzi, hot tubs, kiddie pools, splash pools are crowd pullers at a resort. But they can also be infection carriers which could make your clients sick. The electro chlorinators can be fitted right onto your existing water circulation system. The chlorine will get added at the desired rate keeping all your pools and water features clean and algae free

Chlorination system for the firewater system

Fire safety requires each hotel and resort to having a functioning fire safety system where water is constantly available at high pressure should the need arise. This water in this fire system needs to be free of algae and contaminants so that when the tap is opened disinfected clean water flows out without any blockages to effectively douse out a fire. Electrochlorination systems do just that. They generate the liquid chlorine required to disinfect the firewater onsite and constantly circulate it through the firewater system.

Offline Electro Chlorination system for fountains and water features

Fountains and architectural water features add a lot of charm to your hotel design. Unseemly algae, bad odour and dirty water can make these a nightmare. Maintaining your fountains and water features need not be an expensive or complex task. With electro chlorinators, you can keep these algae and odour free,  clean and beautiful.

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