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Chlorine Dioxide Generator / ClO2 Generator

Pristine Water Offers Chlorine Dioxide Generator – Kloroxide

Chlorine Dioxide Generator produces chlorine dioxide (ClO2), which is a neutral compound of chlorine in the +IV oxidation state.  It disinfects by oxidation; however, it does not chlorinate.  It is a relatively small, volatile, and highly energetic molecule, and a free radical even while in dilute aqueous solutions. It is stable in dilute solution in a closed container in the absence of light.  Chlorine dioxide functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced to chlorite (ClO2-).

One of the most important physical properties of chlorine dioxide is its high solubility in water, particularly in chilled water.  In contrast to the hydrolysis of chlorine gas in water, chlorine dioxide in water does not hydrolyze to any appreciable extent but remains in solution as a dissolved gas.

It is approximately 10 times more soluble than chlorine (above 11°C), while it is extremely volatile and can be easily removed from dilute aqueous solutions with minimal aeration or recarbonation with carbon dioxide

Pristine Water (Kloroxide) Chlorine Dioxide generators produce a continuous supply of in an aqueous Chlorine Dioxide solution, for Potable Water Treatment, Cooling Water, Water, and Waste Water Treatment processes, Paper and Pulp Industries, etc.

Chlorine Dioxide is more than 2.5 times more reactive than chlorine. Hence lesser dose rate is sufficient to achieve total disinfection.

Pristine Water Kloroxide generators use sodium chlorite (NaClO2) as the common precursor feedstock chemical to generate chlorine dioxide.

Pristine Water Manufacturers two main types of Chlorine Dioxide Generator:

  1. Reaction Column Type Generator: Here the generation is done in a towering column where the two precursors are injected in a reaction column along with water and the produced ClO2 is dosed to the application point
  2. Underwater Type Generator: Here the generation is done underwater at the point of application. The precursors are injected into a specially designed mixing chamber, made out of non-corrosive material.
Chlorine Dioxide generator
Chlorine Dioxide generator

Description of the Generator:

Chlorine Dioxide Generator is very simple in design hence reduces difficulties during operational. This results in lower operating costs, less maintenance, simplified operator control, and precise calibration of the feed system.

Reaction Column: The chemicals are dispersed into the reaction column where they immediately react with each other. The reaction column is designed to maximize the generator yield of chlorine dioxide. The Reaction Column are not provided in models with underwater production

Dosing Pump: A precise dosing pump with an adjustment knob is provided for each chemical. The tubing and pipe for individual chemicals are color-coded to prevent chemicals from getting into contact with each other before the Reaction Column.

Flowmeters: A Rotamer calibrated for each chemical is provided for accurate adjustment of the chemicals.

Underwater Injector: In Underwater production models a mixing Injectors is provided. Water passing through the injector generates the vacuum required to pull both the precursor chemicals. The mixing takes place underwater, eliminating the need for a Reaction Column.

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