Water Treatment through Electro Chemistry
Electro chlorination – Electro coagulation – Electro flocculation


“It was a great pleasure working with Pristine Water. The team provided us the right technical guidance and supported us through the progress-ups and down of the project execution phase.
Our customer was very happy and satisfied with the outcome.”
Mr. Billy Montenegro
General Manager
Braamd Inc. – Philippines

“It’s a pleasure working with Pristine Water. The design, documentation, and specifications were good. There was no confusion for me to implement the design in the construction-commissioning phase.
The after-sales service was very satisfying. Every problem was handled with a very fast response and a wise solution. Even sometimes there were small issues in the construction-commissioning phase, but it was always rectified swiftly without too much time wasting discussions. The after-sales service person was excellent. They understood the system very well. Every question from us was answered and no problem was left without a solution. Overall, it’s a great chance to work with Pristine Water as a sub-vendors. It would be very nice if we can work together in another project. Thank you.”
Mr. Sigit Diantoro
Instrument Engineer
PT Rekayasa Industri (REKIND) – Indonesia

“Our experience working with you was excellent. Your response was in time and the technical guidance you provide over phone and e-mails were very fruitful.
Our system is running smoothly and satisfactorily.”

Mr. Gajanana Hegde 
Deputy General Manager – Mech Maintenance
Udupi Power Corporation – India

“Pristine Water is a very good choice for alternative chlorination systems for industrial and domestic purposes. Services rendered by the company is outstanding. While at JSW I experienced very good outputs and services.”

Mr. Kopalle Narasimha Rao
Manager – Chemistry
GMR Energy – India

Essential product for every home. Very easy to use.

“I had been looking for something like this for a while. Very useful and worth the money.
I found it easy to use. Previously I used bleaching powder to make the solution which needed more effort and skill to get the correct percentage of chlorine and also hazardous to handle.
The best part is that it only uses salt and water to produce the disinfectant.
It looks stylish and goes well with the other gadgets in my kitchen.”
Rajeswaran Srinivasan
Reviewed in Amazon India
on 12 October 2019

Value for money disinfectant generator

“I got a Prompt delivery of the product. It was well packed and travelled well. One of a kind. It’s fairly easy and very safe to use.
We use it to wash fruits and vegetables and personal care products. We also disinfect areas near my house where we see algae or pigeon poop. Saves me money from constantly buying disinfectant.”
Amazon Customer
Reviewed in Amazon India
on 11 October 2019

Multiple uses of one product

“It’s very useful product for house hold used
We are using this solution in many place like disinfectant, floor cleaning and kitchen also”
Abhishek Raman
Reviewed in Amazon India
on 3 July 2019

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