Water Treatment through Electro Chemistry
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Silver Ion Water Disinfection System


Pristine Water offers silver Ionizer as silver ion water disinfection system which is a compact instant generator for the continuous injection of Silver ions into water. Silver has been in use to disinfect water since the Roman and Egyptian civilizations. Today, this process employs the latest technology of electrolysis to release the silver ion into water to effectively disinfect water. Dosing water with Silver ions kills bacteria, germs and algae. It also controls their regrowth within the water storage and distribution systems. It does not affect the physical and chemical properties of the water neither does it change the taste, smell or colour. The amount of silver ions in the treated water is very little (measured in parts per billion) and does not cause any side effects.

This onsite disinfection system eliminates the need to buy and stock expensive disinfection products. This system is automatic and does not require any periodic operator involvement.

Pristine Silver Plus
Silver and Copper Ion Disinfection System

Pristine Water also offers Pristine Silver Plus , which combines the power of Silver and Copper. Both copper and silver have been usedapplied for centuries because of their biocidal mechanism. Silver ion kills the microorganism with its oligodynamic cations and the Copper ion eliminates other contaminants in water.



The ions produced by the Pristine Silver ionization process are cationic, surface-active, and a potent biocide. The treatment action is because of the positively charged silver ions forming electrostatic bonds with negatively charged sites on microorganism cell walls. These electrostatic bonds create stresses that lead to distorted cell wall permeability, disrupting the intake of life-sustaining nutrients, and ultimately leading to cell lysis. Bacteria are killed, rather than merely suppressed as is the case with alternative Legionella treatment methods. Water passes through the flow cell chamber, a direct current is applied across the electrodes, creating positively charged copper silver ions. The ions seek out bacteria throughout the pipeline, providing ongoing disinfection. The flow cells, which house the silver electrodes, are manufactured using high temperature, high-pressure, schedule 80 CPVC or non-corrosive Stainless Steel.

Flow cells are available in various sizes and configurations depending upon the applications and requirements:


Silver ionization can be used successfully in various disinfection applications.

Drinking Water

Drinking water either from a borewell or piped supply might contain microorganisms. If unchecked, it will lead to infection and water-borne diseases. Water containing silver ion kills all the harmful pathogens with its oligodynamic action. The residual silver ion in water will prevent future recontamination too.

Bio Fouling Control

Water contains algae along with other organisms. These will foul the water storage tank and choke the pipeline. Injecting silver and copper ion will prevent the growth of algae, virus and kill the bacteria as well.

Marine Bio Fouling Control

Seawater pipelines often get chocked with shell, barnacles and other marine organisms. The Silver Ionization system clears such build-ups and also prevents the fouling. Pristine Plus ionizer (with silver and copper) is best-suited for the marine applications.

Food and Beverage Industry

The F&B Industry has stringent processes for equipment disinfection. Pristine Silver ionizer effectively disinfects the machine and food items without leaving any unpleasant odour, unlike other solutions using chlorine.


RO Water Disinfection
Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters out all microorganisms but it does not leave any residual in water to help water to fight any future contamination. Normally the RO water is stored in a cooler or in a container but if there are any bacteria in the container it would infect the water again and grow rapidly.

Pristine Silver injects a small quantity of active silver ions into water and helps to keep the water clean.


Type of System Automatic Continuous
Silver Ionization Anodes 99.99 % pure Silver
Operating Voltage 230 V AC Single Phase 50 Hz
DC Powe Source/ Control Electronic Dose Rate Adjustment Provided


PS 3 3000 liters/hr
PS 5 5000 liters/hr
PS 10 10000 liters/hr
PS 15 15000 liters/hr
Systems for higher capacity can also be designed and supplied on request.
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