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HypoTunnel Disinfectant Generator with Tunnel

HypoTunnel Disinfection Tunnel paired with a built-in HypoGen Disinfectant Generator

Disinfection tunnel throwing disinfectant on a lady

Disinfection tunnel throwing disinfectant on a lady


To combat the spread of this pandemic caused by the CoVid-19 virus, Pristine Water® has designed and developed the most innovative and effective HypoTunnel Disinfection Tunnel. This is the only Disinfection Tunnel that produces its own broad-spectrum disinfectant that is lethal on bacteria and viruses but safe for humans.
HypoTunnel Disinfection Tunnel is integrated with HypoGen Disinfectant Generator. It produces the disinfectant from natural ingredients – just common Salt (NaCl) and Water. This carefully prepared safe disinfectant is sprayed on those passing through the Tunnel. No chemicals are added. The HypoTunnel eliminates the need to buy any disinfectants and mix toxic chemicals to produce the solution to be sprayed.

Recommended by leading health care organizations

The disinfectant produced by the HypoGen generator which is an integral part of the HypoTunnel Disinfection Tunnel is Hypochlorous Solution (HOCL). This is a powerful oxidant that is effective against bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, and other pathogens. It is safe on humans. Hypochlorous Solution and Sodium Hypochlorite are recommended by leading health care organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), Centre for Disease Control, USA (CDC) and Health Departments of several countries

Special Atomisers inside the HypoTunnel, create a fine mist of the disinfectant and effectively and evenly saturate the environment inside. As a result, all surfaces, even those that are not directly exposed to the spray nozzles are successfully disinfected.

Key Features of the HypoTunnel Disinfection Tunnel

  • Safe on skin. Non-irritant
  • Generates the required Disinfectant from natural ingredients – common salt and water. No harmful chemicals are added.
  • The only Tunnel with its own Disinfectant Generator
  • No need to buy and stock chemical disinfectants
  • Easy to move and assemble
  • Atomizer nozzles for a better spread of the disinfectant
  • Sensor for automatic start and stop of spray
  • Multiple nozzles for all-round coverage
  • The tunnels are provided with a drainage system to keep the area clean and dry
  • Wheelchair friendly – equipped with ramps at the entrance and exit of the Tunnel
  • HypoTunnel Disinfection Tunnel is a Zero waste system
  • Convenient, Compact and Self-contained system
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Specialized Titanium Electrode
  • Pre-assembled and Factory tested
  • Electronic Power supply with protection against voltage surge and frequency fluctuation
  • Auto shut off for care free operation
  • Smaller system helps in decentralizing operations and storage
  • Cost-effective, system can pay for itself in just 12 months
  • HypoTunnel Disinfection Tunnel is an Effective deodorizer
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Applications of the HypoTunnel Disinfectant Tunnel

  • Entrance of Hospitals, Clinics, Therapy and Health centres
  • Entrance of Schools, Colleges, Tuition centres and other Educational institutions to protect students and staff from infections
  • Entrance of Commercial establishments like Offices, Factories, Malls and Shops
  • Entrance of Hotels, Restaurants and Food courts
  • Entrance of transport hubs like Airports, Bus Stands, Railway and Metro Stations
  • Entrance of Theatres and Auditoriums
  • Entrance of Housing complexes, Gated communities and Residential colonies
  • Entrance of Places of Worship and Spiritual Centres

Operation of HypoTunnel Disinfectant Spraying System

Disinfectant Preparation

The HypoGen system is very easy to operate. Just put edible salt and water in the Reaction Tank and switch on the system. Direct current (DC) passing through the solution converts the saltwater into a strong disinfectant. The reactor stops automatically once the process is complete.

Disinfectant Tunnel

When the HypoTunnel Disinfection Tunnel is switched on, the disinfectant reaches the nozzles through a high-pressure pump. A fine mist fills the tunnel ready to disinfect anyone walking through. The HypoTunnel is controlled by sensors. The spray starts when a person enters the HypoTunnel and stops on their exit, thereby avoiding the wastage of the disinfectant produced.

Technical Specification HypoTunnel Disinfectant Tunnel with a built-in Disinfectant Generator

Models HypoTunnel
External Dimension 4 ft width X 3 ft length X 7 ft height
Structure Material FRP
Wall Material FRP
Number of Sprays Nozzles 10 nos. – 4 on either side and 2 on top
Floor-type Anti-slip Aluminum
Drainage system Provided
On/Off Sensor Provided at the entrance
Disinfectant Consumption 0.5-liter per minute
Disinfectant Generator Provided
Raw Material for Disinfectant Generator Salt, Water and Electricity
Disinfectant Produced Hypochlorous Solution/ Sodium Hypochlorite
Concentration 500 ppm (can be increased to 1000 ppm)
Approximate Disinfectant Required Per Day 120 liters
Disinfectant Production Capacity 120 liters per day
Power Required 230 V AC 50 Hz
Light inside the tunnel LED light provided
*Spraying area calculation: For spraying 1000 ppm solution @ 1 liter per 10 square meters (floor length X floor breath X 2.5(for walls) = 20 mts X 10 mts X 2.5 = 500 sq.mts.).
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