Complete Disinfection systems for your facility

HypoSpray Disinfectant Generation and Spraying Systems

HypoSpray® Disinfectant Spraying System paired with a built-in HypoGen Disinfectant Generator

To combat the spread of infection due to human contact, during a pandemic, it is recommended to disinfect and sanitize living and working space by spraying an effective disinfectant regularly. To meet this need, Pristine Water®, with its long association in the field of disinfectants, has developed HypoSpray, Disinfectant Spraying System integrated with a Disinfectant Generator

Working principle of the HypoSpray system

This system not only sprays the disinfectant, but also produces its own disinfectant, using the most advance technology in the field of electrochemistry. Salt and Water are the only ingredients used, therefore making it’s ingredients completely natural. No chemicals are added. The electrolysis of Salt solution produces the Disinfectant. The generator contains electrodes made of Titanium, which are coated with precious metal oxides like Ruthenium and Iridium. When electric current passes between these electrodes, the salt water splits and forms Sodium Hypochlorite which combines with low pH water to form Hypochlorous solution, which is an effective and safe disinfectant against bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi.


Advantages and Features of the HypoSpray Disinfectant Spraying System

  • High pressure sanitizing spray offers superior coverage
  • Disinfectant atomizes in the special spray nozzle for an all-round protection
  • Mobile system with storage facilities
  • Long hose for wider coverage with a coiling drum
  • Additional Manual spraying system
  • Safe, uses naturally formed disinfectant, non-skin irritant
  • No need to buy and stock Chemical disinfectants
  • It’s Freshly made, right at your facility. No need to worry about loss of strength
  • HypoSpray Disinfectant Spraying System is a Zero waste system
  • Convenient, Compact and Self-contained system
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Specialized Titanium Electrode
  • Pre-assembled and Factory tested
  • Electronic Power supply with protection against voltage surge and frequency fluctuation
  • Auto shut off for care free operation
  • Smaller system helps in decentralizing operations and storage
  • Cost effective, system can pay for itself in just 12 months
  • HypoSpray Disinfectant Spraying System is an Effective deodorizer

Applications of HypoSpray Disinfectant Spraying System

  • Disinfection of all Hospitals and Clinics to prevent HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections)
  • Sanitization of Schools, Colleges and other Educational institutions to protect students and staff from infections
  • Infection prevention in Commercial establishments like Offices, Factories, Malls and Shops
  • Disinfection of Hotels, Restaurants and other food vendors
  • Sanitization of transport hubs like Airports, Bus Stands, Railway and Metro Stations
  • Arresting the spread of disease in areas of high footfall like Theatres, Places of worship etc.
  • Disinfection of Housing complexes, Gated communities and Residential colonies
  • Prevention of water-borne diseases through regular water tank disinfection
  • Disinfection of all water storage areas like Cooling Water, Fire Water and even Sewage tanks to prevent the growth of harmful pathogens
School and office Premise
Hotels and Residential Colonies
Restaurants and Malls Premise
railway and Metro Stations & Airports

With, HypoSpray Disinfectant Spraying System , you can disinfect lobbies, corridors, washrooms, utility closets, outdoor playing and sitting spaces, pantry, kitchen surfaces and equipment, dustbins, compactors, restroom fixtures, toilet seats, locker rooms, telephones, doorknobs, furniture, empty containerized storage units and veterinary clinics and hospitals.

The HypoGen Disinfectant Spraying System contains:

  • HypoGen Disinfectant Generator
  • Tank to store the disinfectant produced
  • Pressure Pump connected to the storage tank
  • Power supply panel for the Generator and the Pressure Pump
  • Hose reel to hold a 15-meter-long hose
  • Hand Operated Back-Pack disinfectant spraying system
  • Trolly with large wheels for ease movement of the entire system

Operation of HypoSpray Disinfectant Spraying System

Disinfectant Preparation

The HypoGen system is very easy to operate. Just put edible salt and water in the Reaction Tank and switch on the system. Direct current (DC) passing through the solution converts the salt water into a strong disinfectant. The reactor stops automatically once the process is complete.

Disinfectant Spraying

The disinfectant is transferred to a tank, and freshwater is added to dilute the disinfectant. Once diluted to the desired level, the disinfectant is ready to use. The inbuilt high-pressure sprayer or the hand-operated sprayer is used to spray.

Switch ON the spraying function in the Panel. The disinfectant from the storage tank is pumped through a high-pressure pump to the hose.

The hose is adequately long and mounted in a reel for easy winding and unwinding. The hose is ideal for spraying the disinfectant over a large distance for better coverage and good sanitization.

For inaccessible areas, the disinfectant is collected in a spray tank and carried to the place of application.

Hypochlorous solution is recommended as the most effective disinfectant for use in Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Residential and Office buildings, and other areas with a high footfall.

Models and Specifications

Type With HOCl Generator Without HOCl Generator
(Mains Operated)
Without HOCl Generator
(Mains/Battery operated)
HOCl Generator Provided Yes No No
Salt required per batch 400 grams
Batch Time 8 hours
Production @1000 ppm 80 liters
Production @ 500 ppm 160 liters
Spraying Area 800 sq. mts. 800 sq. mts. 800 sq. mts.
Power Consumption including Pump 0.5 kW 0.1 kW 0.1 kW
Storage Tank Capacity 100 liters 100 liters 100 liters
Battery with Charger No No Yes
*Spraying area calculation: For spraying 1000 ppm solution @ 1 liter per 10 square meters (floor length X floor breath X 2.5(for walls) = 20 mts X 10 mts X 2.5 = 500 sq.mts.).

General Method of Usage

Spray surfaces and articles well, and wait for 10 minutes, then wipe if needed. May be applied with a sponge to impervious covers and surfaces. For fogging and other large volume applications use appropriate spraying equipment, protective clothing, gloves and a mask.

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