Water Treatment through Electro Chemistry
Electro chlorination – Electro coagulation – Electro flocculation

Onsite water disinfection for marine and cruise

Ballast water tanks on board ships are filled with water from one sea and discharged in another sea can cause marine ecological imbalance by introducing foreign species of aquatic life. The discharge of water from ballast tanks has been responsible for the introduction of species that cause environmental and economic damage.

Pristine Water Onsite Chlorinators for Ballast Water treatment

The simple, cost effective, safe method to avoid this bio-imbalance is Electrochlorination which will remove all the water borne species and pathogens including the residents in the Ballast water and Ballast water tanks. Using the Pristine Water Electro chlorination system, Sodium Hypochlorite can be produced on board directly from sea water in our on-line Sodium Hypochlorite generators and added to the Ballast water either during pumping, pre loading before pumping, or post loading after ballast water loading is complete. This will ensure a completely safe Ballast water transfer from one region to another.

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