Our Capabilities

ENGINEERING: Pristine Waters team of qualified and experienced engineers execute challenging and complex projects in the field of Electrochlorination. The individual and collective project and technical expertise of our engineering team allows us to deliver appropriate, cost-effective solutions to clients on time and as per international quality standards.

While our technology can be applied across almost all industries, Pristine Water is currently serving the following domains: Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Urban and Rural Water Supply, Waste Water Treatment, Food and Beverage and Marine applications.

Pristine Waterís engineering capabilities comprise proven processes and best practices of the industry. More importantly, we execute all projects with paramount consideration for the health, safety, and environmental well-being of all current and future project participants and stakeholders.

DESIGN: Pristine Waterís conceptual design capabilities align each project's function, scope, cost and schedule with the clientís requirements to guarantee project success. Our design expertise is reflected in the projects already executed across domains. This equips us with the expertise of specific design requirements and helps us avoid common pitfalls. Thus helping us save time while evolving a suitable solution.

MANUFACTURING: We have state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture Titanium Electrodes which are the main components for an electrochlorination system. These electrodes are coated with Ruthenium, Iridium or Platinum to form a DSA(Dimensionally Stable Anode) coating.

QUALITY: At Pristine Water, quality is a way of life. We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. We are committed to our quality processes and procedures to ensure that our customers receive high quality products which meet international standards. Our commitment to quality extends to all our suppliers. The corporate quality control and assurance procedures are continuously reviewed and updated to keep up with the ever increasing market demand for high quality products and services.

INNOVATION: Our R&D team constantly innovates to develop new designs to cater to new applications; new customer needs and to continuously improve our existing range of products to make it more user friendly, low maintenance and cost efficient.